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   Red 7  
According to the rules of private property that G-d gave us, how would you describe "borrowing something without permission" in one word?
   Red 6  
Name a purpose other than helping people who are poor that "tzedaka" can be given too.
   Red 5  
A mezuza is placed on the doors of our rooms to remind us that everything we do in the room should follow____________. (Fill in.)
   Red 4  
G-d told us that we are not permitted to say something _______ about another person. 
   Red 3  
In the Kiddush said while holding a cup of wine, we announce that the reason we are observing Shabbat is to remind ourselves that G-d _____ the world
   Red 2
Which land could any Jew (except a convert) be sure they had an ancestor who lived there.
   Red 1  
Look on a Jewish calendar and find out what time Shabbat candles should be lit on the last Friday in October this year.
    Yellow 7
Name the 3 holidays that mark the events that happened when the Jewish nation began.
   Yellow 6
Why are the 5 Books of Moses more like a Anotebook@ than a "textbook" of laws?
   Yellow 5
 In what situation is it a mitzvah to take (but not keep) someone's belonging?
   Yellow 4
It is not work that should not be done on Shabbat, it is _____ activities.
   Yellow 3
What additional info does a symbol like  OU  or  OK  give that a K does not ?
   Yellow 2
Why did G-d put us in a world with many other people and not in a box by ourselves?
   Yellow 1
At which two points during eating is it proper to thank G-d for creating different kinds of food?
  Green 7
Towards which city do we face when we pray?
  Green 6
Over 2000 years ago the Jews were forced to leave their country. G-d promised us that eventually there will be world peace and Jews will return to ____________. (Fill in)
  Green 5
The Torah teaches us: When I am dealing with another person, I should always consider it as if I am dealing with _____.(Fill in.)
  Green 4
Hammering a nail can not be done on Shabbat because it is part of the major category of 1) Sewing 2) Building 3) Grinding 4) Cutting plants
  Green 3
Name a food that is always kosher, yet when mixed with another kosher food will become not kosher.
  Green 2
Although it describes just you, it shows that you are a part of the whole Jewish people. What is it?
  Green 1
We must do 3 things for G-d to forgive a sin. 1) We must feel sorry about the sin. 2) We ask G-d to forgive us. Name the third. (Hint - It is about the future.)

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